Realm Zero

Crafting - Plant System



The plant system allows players to grow, pollinate, and collect resources from a wide range of various plants. Certain seeds may be obtained from various creatures throughout the world, while other seeds are only obtainable through cross pollination.

First the player must acquire a "planter" either by crafting or purchasing one from a merchant. After which the player must then gather and supply ample amounts of dirt and water before planting the seed. Every 24 hours the plant will experience one growth cycle where water, infestation, poison and fungus levels must be maintained to keep the plant alive and flourishing.

Once a plant has reached maturity it may then be pollinated and can begin producing resources!



The very first thing that must be added to your planter is dirt, luckily this can be found right beneath your feet!


Acquired from lakes and rives, one of the most important resources required by your plant.


Crafted by skilled alchemist poisons are needed to help ward off infestations.


Crafted by alchemist fertilizer helps boost a plants production.



This allows a mature plant to be pollinated with itself or another plant.


Once available you may use gather to collect all available resources from a plant.


Allows a player to empty the planter extracting a mature plant which can then be used as a decoration.



Seeds can be obtained from cross pollination and in certain instances rare seeds may be obtained.


Pigments are used in the creation of dyes.


Certain petals are vital in the creation of the deadliest poisons.


Vines are useful in construction and can be used to hold together structures.