Realm Zero


World items have been introduce! Players can now drop & pickup items throughout the environment.

Equipment has been implemented server side and loads correctly only models.

Our first implemented skill! Mining demonstration shows both gain notification and skill value!

A demonstration of the currently player interface.

Chat communication with optional (configurable) overhead chat text.

Player criminal status / war detection highlighting system.

Late night network implementation and testing!

Early stages of zone claiming and house construction.

A preview of the in-game plant system.

A scenic look upwards towards a castle being attacked by a dragon!

Another look into the [general] skill tab & inventory window. Skills are broken down into 5 main categories (General, Combat, P

First look at armor implementation, colors based on materials used!

A behind the scenes look at the network spawn controller.

A behind the scenes look at the network spawn controller.

Working on the rag-doll physics and player hit boxes!

Two networked players meeting for the very first time!

Implementing the lobby / server aspects. Now supports multiple-server instances!

Character selection, early stages.

A quick look at the making of the character creation scene. Still have to modify the menu, limitations, scene and audio. Then I'

A debug view of the physics system being implemented and testing sphere collision.

First attempt at creating a lake, with a water effect texture.

An inside look of the player house.

The first model being considered for player housing.

An early implementation of the blacksmith crafting station.

GM Avatars are introduced in an early stage.

The game lobby interface.

A behind the scenes look at debug mode.

The new user interface has been implemented.

The remote player class has been created and an example of overhead titles.

After integrating the network engine, this is the first working example of the chat system.

A behind the scenes look at the world builder.

An early look at projectiles.

First revision of the rendering environment.

Weird terrain glitches started to occur in the environment.

Very first attempt at particle effects.

My first time getting the network engine to work with the 3D environment.