Closed Beta – Release Notes

Available: 04/01/2017

The system has undergone a major overhaul, which includes several changes to the current play style. In addition to the player client several Unity editor extensions have been built to transform the Unity game engine, into more of a MMO game engine. These additional tools make it extremely simple to add new items, monsters, merchants, spawns and modify world resources. This process allows for rapid development locally, which automatically exports and serializes the necessary server files. Built entirely on a custom network engine which is engineered for low-latency and speed, limiting client-side logic for a strong authoritative server environment.

In order to streamline and provide faster updates a new patching system has been implemented. The initial game download will be a few gigabytes and patches will be relatively small depending on the content that has been updated.


  • Using the /stuck command will send your player back to town.
  • Added the /roll command.
  • Added the following emotes.
    • /bored, /cheer, /drink, /eat, /kiss, /love, /no, /point, /reject, /sad, /salute1, /salute2, /shrug, /stretch, /talk1, /talk2, /think, /warn, /wave, /yawn
  • Above the head information text has been added.
  • Above the head hit damage text has been added.
  • Item tooltips have been improved to include quantity and properties.
  • A transparency effect has been added when the players view is obstructed.
  • Interactable items will now flash when being hovered by the mouse.
  • Merchants have been added to buy/sell general goods.
  • A training dummy has been added in the starter town.
  • Players now have the ability to swim.
  • Added a new player starting package.
  • Remote player movement, animations, and effects have been improved.
  • Player footstep sounds have been added.
  • Skills & Spells that are currently not implemented will be disabled visually.

Character Creation

  • The overall creation process has been improved.
  • There are now 4 races to choose from: (Human, Dwarf, Elf, Orc).
  • Each race has different visual and physical attributes.
  • New characters now have the ability to define their starting attributes.


  • A visual 2D portrait is now displayed in the equipment window.
  • Character & equipment attributes are now listed in the equipment window.

User Interface

  • A new user interface design has been implemented.
  • UI is now persistent upon entering and exiting the game.
  • UI will automatically re-position when starting the game at lower resolutions.
  • A spell book dialog has been added.
  • Added game menu that allows you to quit the game.


  • A free floating inventory system has been added with persistent item placement.
  • Items that are stack-able may now be stacks up to quantity 99 and split on demand.
  • Containers are now supported and may been nested.
  • When a parent container is moved and child containers that are open will be closed.
  • There is no bag item limit, instead a weight limit will be imposed.
  • Items may be dropped on the ground, within the valid drop range.
  • A drop range indicator has been added and changes from red to green when a valid spot is chosen.


  • Private messages have been added using /message <playername>
  • Local chat messages will now appear over the players head.
  • Players can now set their chat message color.


  • The harvesting skill Lumberjack has been added.
  • The harvesting skill Mining has been added.
  • The harvesting skill Herb Gathering has been added.
  • The harvesting skill Skinning has been added.
  • The crafting skill Carpentry has been added with 1 recipes.
  • The crafting skill Inscription has been added with 3 recipes.
  • The crafting skill Alchemy has been added with 22 recipes.
  • The crafting skill Tailoring has been added with 29 recipes.
  • The crafting skill Blacksmithy has been added with 29 recipes.
  • The crafting skill Tinkering has been added with 3 recipes.
  • The crafting skill Cooking has been added with 3 recipes.
  • The Magery skill has been added with the Fireball spell.
  • Skills can be set to raise, lower, or lock.


  • A new starter zone has been added.
  • 6 types of herbs have been added.
  • 12 types of trees have been added.
  • 9 types of minerals have been added.
  • a skinnable animal has been added.
  • Re-implemented the nature growth cycle to replenish natural resources.


  • Houses have been temporarily disabled, an improved system is being developed.


  • Some recipes now allow for ingredient substitutions, which may alter the product color and attributes.
  • When available a 3D preview of the crafted item will be shown.
  • Most crafting skills have a refine feature.


  • A spawning system has been added which can spawn Animals, Monsters, Chests & Items.
  • The spawn manager intelligently notifies only those players within range, improving performance.
  • Spawns will trigger upon players entering and despawn when left abandoned for an extended duration.


  • A custom lightweight AI system has been added to control spawned creatures.
  • This system has been optimized to limit the amount of packets sent to the client.


  • Players can now use limited magery skills to attack and kill animals.
  • A health indicator has been added above the target.
  • A new outline targeting system has been added to indicate the alignment of the selected target.
  • Once an animal is dead the skinning skill may be used to harvest meat, leather and other resources.
  • Upon successfully casting a spell Mana is deducted.
  • Mana regenerates based on the current meditation skill level.


  • Player currency has been added.
  • Armor(s) have been added.
  • Weapon(s) have been added.
  • Food(s) have been added.
  • Blank runes have been added.
  • Spell books have been added.
  • Rune books have been added.
  • Bags have been added.
  • Health potions (lesser, greater major) have been added.
  • Cure potions (lesser, greater major) have been added.
  • Poison potions (lesser, greater major) have been added.
  • Stamina potions  (lesser, greater major) have been added.
  • Mana potions  (lesser, greater major) have been added.
  • Explosion potions  (lesser, greater major) have been added.
  • Dyes have been added.
  • Pickaxe has been added.
  • Axe has been added.
  • Sickle has been added.
  • Knife has been added.

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