Realm Zero


The Craft

Using various crafting skills players can create armor, weapons, food, potions, furniture, trinkets and other items. Eventually players will be able to expand their crafting skills and construct modules used in various structures such as: houses, towns, castles and ships

Currently the following crafting skills are implemented:

  • Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Cooking, Inscription, Tailoring, Tinkering

Custom Recipes

Some recipes have ingredients that may be substituted for another item. When an ingredient is substituted the properties and physical appearance of the item may change. One example of this is with the Blacksmithing skill and constructing and item using various metals.

Physical Appearance

Here is an example of eight sets of chainmail armor being crafted with various ingots. In the image, you can see how each set has a slightly different color which identifies the primary material that was used.

  • Copper, Bronze, Steel, Silver, Tin, Iron, Mithril, Gold


There are four primary types of dyes: cloth, leather, metal and furniture. There is a total of 345 blended colors based on the pigment and base color combinations. Dyes are applied as a secondary color and the primary material color is retained.


Upcoming Features