Realm Zero

Player Housing

Claim your plot of land

You start out by acquiring a land claim deed, which allows you to visually claim an available section of land. These plots come in various sizes and must be placed on relatively flat terrain and within certain server constraints. Once placed this area is called a Player Zone and can be designated as either public or private. Marking your zone as "private" does not keep players from entering, however it will flag them as aggressors making them open to attack without criminal consequences. Once established you may begin the construction of you house and other structures within your zone.

Zone Management

After your initial zone placement you should notice a flag located in the very center of your property, this is your temporary zone management. Pressing the action key on the flag will open the zone management window, where you will be presented with several options for managing your property.


Here you will find information about the current: owner, age, size and decay stage of the house. ConstructionThis section allows your to access the house construction interface and will also be used for future additions.


Within this section you have the ability to switch the zone between private & public, you also have the ability to add friends to your acceptable list of players.


This section will display information about the currently used and available storage space within your zone. This information varies based on the size of your house and resources currently being used.


In the event your wish to demolish your zone, house or transfer ownership of your property it can be done from this section.


Here you have the option to create your very own customized player house. We've created a module based construction system that allows you to construct a unique house up to a maximum size of a 3x3x3. You first establish the base layer by placing flooring, pylons & walls. You may then add additional layers, but only in the instance that the floor below has the structural integrity to support the weight. As you progress through your design the house construction cost will be automatically calculated resulting in a finalized requirement of gold, wood & stone. Once finished you may preview your design and submit your finalized design.


Now that you have finished designing your house, you have to provide the required resources to construct the building. Due to weight restrictions, you will not be able to bring all the resources in a single trip. You must gather the required wood, stone & gold and submit the resources to your design. Depending on the size of your house this may take quite awhile and you may find the need to enlist the help of friends. Once you submit the resources they are no refundable, your only option is demolition.


Once constructed you must maintain your property, this is achieved by visiting your Player Zone at least once every two weeks. Simply entering the zone and visiting your property will refresh the status of your house and keep it from collapsing. In the event that you fail to refresh your house, it will collapse (visually) and all of the physical contents of the zone will become available to anyone in the area. The zone has a grace period of one month and must also be maintained, not doing so will cause the zone to become claimable by someone else.


Upcoming Features