How to Have Minimalist Living Room with Carpet

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Who says that choosing a minimalist carpet for your living room is hard?

It will be much easier if you know how to choose the rightest model or design in the market.

When you’re trying to take a minimalist carpet for your living room but you have no idea how to have a minimalist living room with carpet, just begin with choosing some of great carpets with outstanding minimalist design we’ve covered below.

Sometimes a lot of styles provided in market can be tricky and overwhelming.

But if you can avoid several things that can lead you into a problem, you will get the best one you can buy.

How to Have Minimalist Living Room with Carpet?

Begin with Choosing Outstanding Carpets Below

1. Cube Carpet Design

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Cube carpet design is made by 100% acrylic pile so it feels really tufted and carved.

This design is really suitable for your bedroom, the working spaces, or even your living room because it’s really comfortable and soft.

Based on minimalist interiors design, cube carpet design is one of any minimalist carpet that actually your room needs.

2. Light and Airy Carpet

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It’s an ideal option for those who have a light and airy room due to its color that dominantly covered by white tone.

You can also find any light and airy carpet in various colors and shades.

As a carpet that made up by light materials, it’s a good option for anyone who prefers to tie their carpet to the pillow and blanket in a living room.

3. Shag Carpet

living room and carpet

You’ll never go wrong by choosing a shag carpet.

Besides it’s bringing a classic visual into your living room, shag carpet is also cozy and comfortable to be placed in any location of your home such as bedroom, working space, or even your living room.

Want to get some more design of minimalist carpet?

Just check all ideas we have at insinyur bangunan.

4. Handmade Charcoal Carpet

living room area carpet ideas

All the minimalist lovers exactly love the simple designed carpets to put into their living room.

Handmade charcoal carpet is one of carpet which is applying a minimalist concept on its design.

By combining modern aspects, this carpet is a perfect option for those who are looking for any carpets as a compliment of their bedroom or living room.

5. Moroccan Screen

living room area carpet

Moroccan screen is an art silk woven carpet which is made based on minimalist concept, so it’s really suitable for your living room’s compliments such as lemari pakaian, couch, or minimalist table.

Even your living room is only layered with standard color tiles, Moroccan screen will fit your minimalist room that covered with neutral tone.

6. Coastal Design

living room accent carpet

Want to get different circumstances while you’re coming into living room?

Try to put coastal carpets into it.

So, no matter where you live, you will always feel like you’re living on the beach.

7. Bold Carpet

choosing a living room carpet

If you’re living room is layered by neutral tones, bold carpet is a good option to take.

With comfortable and soft materials, this kind of minimalist carpet will make your living room getting comfy and full of peacefulness.

Are you wondering about how to have a minimalist living room with carpet?

Well, if you think that choosing a great minimalist carpet is really confusing, try to look into our review about minimalist carpet ideas as your references.

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