How to Write a Critical Preface

When we’re talking about a critical review, it may involve some of sections that each will give any assumption or ideas that writer want to explain to the writers.

Furthermore, every section generally involves a preface which is purposed to give an introduction to the readers about the main idea of your review.

Unfortunately, there’s still number of people still ask about how to write a critical preface.

Many writers may need to write a critical review to explaining the interests of any books, text, articles, or review.

They’re trying to identifying, summarizing, or even evaluating the ideas inside the text that the author has written.

However, the critical review is needed to examine the author’s though of the ideas that they’ve presented on their books, text, or review.

How to Write a Critical Preface? Here Simple Advices You Can Easily Apply

1. Introduce Your Review

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Firstly, you need to begin with explaining about your review includes theme, topic, ideas, or issues of the book, articles, or texts you’ve reviewed.

You can explain about your identification of the author, the tittle of the books or articles, the main idea or issues within the book.

If a critical review is involving about more than a book, your explanation should be relating each other.

2. Write the Overview

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You can also try to put overview of the review you’ve made on a preface (kata pengantar).

It will lead your readers to understand the general information and the body of the review.

Furthermore, an overview will be also explaining the division of the book includes chapters, sections, or points of discussion on your preface.

Overall, writing an overview into your preface of critical review will explaining the issues or information about the topic, your stand, or the criteria you will apply on evaluating the books.

3. Try not to use any clichés and generalizations


When you’re writing the preface of your critical review, make sure you’ve avoided any clichés or general arguments or statements that will make your review looks so bad and recognizing you as a lazy writer.

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4. Put the conclusion


You may want to use a preface to explain the conclusion of your critical review.

In your critical review you may have evaluated the main idea and major point of the book, examined the arguments of the author, and evaluated any specific aspects of the books.

After you’ve finished all of the sections, you can put the conclusion on your preface and lead the readers to read more deeply into your review.

5. Identify the Audience

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When you write a preface for the first time, make sure you have put the introduction sentence that can pull the reader in.

Make the sentence become fascinating so the reader would read your review into the detail.

Moreover, while you’re writing the preface for any critical reviews, make sure you’ve properly understood of the problem or subject you’re going to write.

Writing a preface of critical review may need to be correctly written.

Begin with reading some advices about how to write a critical preface we’ve covered and begin to make your review becomes more credible to red by the readers.

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