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Preface is purposed to give an introduction to the readers about the main idea on many kind of text, includes a research paper. It may sound too hard for students who write a preface at the first time, so they’ll try to find any advices about how to write a preface for a research paper. Moreover, this part should come across the problems, issues, or projects that will be covered more detail in the whole of text.

As a common, a preface is considered as an important thing to make the readers keep reading into the whole of your research paper. However, as important as this part should be enclosed on your research paper, you can attempt to try these several tips to make your preface become more interesting to be red.

How to Write a Preface for Research Paper?

Here the Ways You Can Try

1. Tell the Background of Your Research


The first step is about describing the main idea of the background that will introduce the readers to the topic of your research. This section will also make your thesis become more interesting, so the readers will keep reading on your text.

Try to identify the gap-research or the issues that needed to tell to the readers. Many students try to write their preface as interesting as it would be red by the readers, but it actually should be more detail.

2. Identify the Audience

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When you write a preface (kata pengantar) for the first time, make sure you have put the introduction sentence that can pull the reader in. Make the sentence become fascinating so the reader would read your research paper into the detail. Moreover, while you’re writing the preface for your essay, make sure you’ve properly understood of the problem or subject you’re going to write.

3. Tell the Focus of Your Research

The focus of your thesis should include two important things i.e. the information about the issues or problem, and the rationalization of your research. So, your preface should tell the reason about your intention of doing a research for your paper, and how the problem will be rationalized by the theories you’ve applied to analyze on your research paper.

4. Try not to use any clichés and generalizations

When you’re writing the preface of your essay, make sure you’ve avoided any clichés or general arguments or statements that will make your research paper looks so bad and recognizing you as a lazy writer. Visit to get more information about it.

5. Write the Acknowledgements

Writing a research paper may involve many persons that helping you on finishing it. So, you may also honor the people such as research committee or other labors who helped with your thesis on writing, or even editing. Are you interesting on writing a preface?

Sometimes it may be difficult to write a preface for any projects at the first time, particularly on a research paper. You may be wondering, how to Write a Preface for a research paper? But whatever the project you’ve made, make sure you’ve already read all the tips we’ve covered, so you can create an interesting preface.

Still wondering on how to write a preface? Please visit here.

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