how to make knitting patterns easily

For a knitter or a beginner it is good to know, tas rajut  and master some kind of motif knitted/pattern section basic knitting. Than as To whether you should have the hang of it? Therefore by using 1-pattern knitting, you can produce a variety of various knitted from yarn type wool punk and beautiful, such as knitting scarves/scarf, knitting bags, knitting hats, knitted dress, as well as the type of knitted other.

As the name implies, sorts of patterns knitting of knitting are sometimes used to create motif/shape of the base on a knitted. But also allows the results of this knitted along with kinds of skewers basis of the other in order to produce the form of beautiful knitted and more beautiful.

Actually, the pattern knitted knitting there are many kinds of characteristics and also characteristic that is different. But 19 of motif knitted these fairly most simple and easy to set up when compared with motifs other knitted. Therefore you do not need to worry for not able to master it, or even for a beginner knitter though.

Below are 9 basic patterns knitting or motif knits tas rajut. The following 9 kinds of basic pattern knitted knitting or motif knitted simple and easy to made:

Checkerboard stitch

The basic pattern of knitting is synonymous with combining the 2 knitting yarn of different colors, so the motif of the box-like motif of the chess board can be seen more clearly. But, you can still wear 1 kind of knitting yarn especially in the time of a new process of learning to knit. Even though the use of 1 type of yarn and the resulting knitted also still be shaped checkered like a chess board.

Garter stitch

Knitting garter stitch this one most fitting for use by the beginner knitter (especially for those who are new will learn to make patterns knitted). Therefore, the motifs knitted this one only uses 1 type of puncture basic knitting course.

 Stockinette stitch

The pattern of stockinette stitch is generally formed of longitudinal lines, so that it is suitable for use in making a hand-knitted specialized square or rectangular, such as scarves/scarf, tablecloths, blankets, knitting, or baby apron knitting.

Seed stitch

As the name suggests, the motif of the knitwear produced a small bulge that is structured like small grains. Pattern seed stitch is very suitable for use in knitting a scarf/scarf because the pattern of knitting can produce knitted the same between the front side and also rear.

American moss stitch

So many people who disagree with the basic motif knitting this one. Because some knitters say that the pattern is moss stitch is very similar to the pattern of seed stitch, as well as most others just say not the same.

Both perceptions are equally true. Because patterns seed stitch and moss stitch are 1 pattern knitting similar the same, when you wear the pattern of the British. But, the two are not the same when you use this type of pattern American.

The purl ridge stitch

The purl ridge stitch is one of simple pattern which combines a pattern stockinette stitch and purl as well as knit.

The linen stitch

Pattern the linen stitch is often referred to as the pattern of the fabric/pattern genius because it can produce 2 parts of a knitted which side of the front and rear are very different.

The netted stitch

Pattern-knit netted stitch will produce knitted you really stand out and perforated like a net.

Bamboo stitch

Pattern, the bamboo stitch is very easy for you to do, even in a moment of relaxation while you enjoy the TV show the darling though. Because of what? Because on the pattern knitting bamboo stitch wears the same skewer that is always repeated with only based on the number of rows as you want. Therefore, you do not need to be too full concentration to be able to do it.

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