Realm Zero

Realm Zero

An evolving online world...

Realm Zero is an independently developed sandbox MMO game that I started earlier this year (2013). This projects main focus is to get away from the traditional MMO style game play which many people have become accustomed to over the years. Players have been spoiled with tab targeted combat, bored by repetitive tasks and consumed by endless hours of level grinding. So the goal is to make a game that both casual and extreme gamers can enjoy without feeling like it's a life commitment. Read more




In-depth Crafting Systems!

Realm Zero (v0.0.1) - Current Progress

This video demonstrates the account authentication system, character management and basic world interaction. This includes some major changes to the back-end network engine that handles account authentication and client packet control.

Character Creation (Advanced)

Once the game client is launched you are asked for your account credentials. Upon verification you then are taken to the character selection screen. At this point you can select an existing character or create a new one. Once a player has been selected you can enter the world of Realm Zero!